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Do you want healthy plants and healthy profits? Here at Dr Feelgood Organics Ltd we have discovered a little gem. Our plant treatment product is filled with a miracle mix, a totally 100% organic enhancer for your plants. We can tell you now that your customers will love this, so can we ask you a favour? Try a little with your regular products or alone with only your favourite compost, and watch this product boost your harvest and your customer satisfaction.

We are certain that you will love our product and see results within 1-2 days. Use this product and watch your plants thrive without any unwanted problems.


Organic Plant Food

Organic Plant Treatment Spray


We have tested Dr Feelgood against many leading brands and we have found that this product is magnificent during vegetation, producing earlier harvest times with greater, healthier and stronger stems and stocks, greener leaves and much more.
For seeds, use at 2ml per litre, cuttings 5ml per litre.

By the start of the 3rd week use 20 ml per litre, once a week or every 5 days.

If using with other nutrients, cut back on your dilution rate to keep your E.C levels at proper ratio.

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